Grandmother Paints For The First Time In Her Life After Suffering Two Strokes (PHOTO)

A family was "astounded" to find their 90-year-old grandmother had produced a lovely painting, after showing no interest in art her entire life.

"She has never painted in her life," grandson Casey Nelson wrote on Reddit, where the photo quickly became viral.

Nelson connects his grandmother's new found artistry with two separate strokes she suffered on both sides of her brain more than a year ago.

"She now suffers from Wernicke's Aphasia, a condition that inhibits her ability to make sense when she speaks, and her ability to understand other's speech," Nelson explained. "She is often confused and angry and sometimes doesn't recognize me, but [she] has her bright days too. She has been living in nursing homes since the stroke, and that's where she did the painting. It was part of an art activity a few weeks ago. As far as anyone knows, this is her first attempt at art of any kind."

We're just as impressed as Nelson is by his grandmother's new work. Creativity sparked or furthered after experiencing brain damage is well-documented. Among the many who have become artists after having a stroke, Jon Sarkin's story stands out. Once a straight-laced chiropractor, Sarkin became a passionate and much-sought-after artist with a compulsive need to create mixed-media pieces.



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