Grandmother Receives Racist Letter Attacking Her Biracial Kids

The letter said the neighborhood "does not need any blacks."

A woman in Wichita, Kansas, was shocked when she opened her mailbox and found a racist letter directed at her biracial grandchildren.

“We have noticed that there are some black children at your residence,” the handwritten letter delivered to Nancy Wirths read. “Maybe you are running a daycare, or these are your children. In either case, we have put our house for sale. This neighborhood does not need any blacks in it.”

In the video above, Wirths told KSNW that she received the anonymous handwritten letter on Aug. 21. Wirths, who runs a daycare out of her home, according to KWCH, has nine grandkids she cares for ― six of whom are black. She told the CNN affiliate that she initially thought the letter was a joke. 

“I guess I never thought this was real, the hatred for people in the world,” she told the station. “I mean, because I try to teach my grandkids to love everyone no matter their color and this kind of throws a total wrench in that.” 

Nancy Wirths said she was shocked when she found this letter in her mailbox.
Nancy Wirths said she was shocked when she found this letter in her mailbox.

Wirths told KSNW that since she’s received the letter, her grandkids aren’t allowed to play outside and she often finds herself looking over her shoulder. 

In an attempt to trace the letter, Wirths visited the return address, only to find the home didn’t exist, KWCH reported. The grandmother has filed a police report on the letter, according to Fusion. No suspects have been identified, but the offender could be charged with disorderly conduct. 

She told KWCH that even if the culprit isn’t punished, she’s pleased by the amount of support her family has received from the community.  

“We love the neighborhood and the people who have supported us behind this, there’s no need for us to move,” she said. “But if the people who wrote the letter need help packing, I’m sure we have quite a few people that would love to assist in the packing.”



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