Man Stunned After Finding Picture Of His Late Grandma On Google

If you think it's a waste of time to spend hours browsing Google Street View, you should meet Dustin Moore.

In a Reddit posting on Wednesday, the Beaverton, Ore. man wrote that he and his brother found a picture of their grandmother while exploring images of her house on the Google service. Google's cameras happened to lock onto the woman, who passed away two years ago, while she read the newspaper on her porch.

“I made the joke with my brother. I was like, ‘Well, grandma’s gone, but she still somehow lives on in Google and is watching over us,” Moore told KATU in Portland, Ore.

Here's what they found:

grandmother street view

"I thought it was such an uplifting and awesome picture because it showed just how laid back and awesome she was," Moore wrote on Reddit, noting that it was one of the last few pictures taken of his grandmother.

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