Did This Home Video Incriminate A Grandpa In Abuse Case Involving His Step-Grandson?

Watch this cell phone video of Bill, a grandpa — who pleaded no contest to felony child abuse — interacting with his 5-year-old step-grandson.

"Do you not think, in retrospect, that that is subject to interpretation as being woefully inappropriate?” Dr. Phil asks, referring to Bill’s behavior in the home video.

Bill explains, “I do believe that with the cell phone that I had, I was too close, and I was actually trying to see if his new shoes that I had just bought him was to fit him properly and was still on his feet, and that’s what I was focused on, his feet.”

Dr. Phil asks, “Why were you referring to ‘sexy butt’?”

Bill claims it was a reference to a song that his step-grandson used to sing, which includes the lyrics, “I’m too sexy for my shirt. I’m too sexy for my body.”

“That was the song him and his little brother were singing at the time,” Bill says. “That was the current phrase at the time that me, the girls, and everybody was using, and I had nothing to hide. It was innocent, maybe not appropriate, but it was absolutely not a lustful demeanor in any manner whatsoever.”

On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Bill takes a polygraph test in an effort to prove his innocence. Click here to see where you can watch.

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