Grandpa Deserves Gold For Best Olympic Celebration After Usain Bolt's Win

This is how you do it!

A Jamaican grandfather couldn’t contain himself after his hero, runner Usain Bolt, scooped up yet another Olympic gold medal for the 100-meter dash on Sunday.

Byron Edwards, 62, was caught on camera jumping up and down, dancing and running around his Stone Mountain, Georgia, living room after watching his track star idol storm to victory for a third consecutive time.

Edwards possibly exerted the same amount of energy as Bolt did when he won the title in just 9.81 seconds. Watch the video here:

He’s followed Bolt for a long time,” Edwards’ grandson Ashanti Stewart, who filmed his grandpa’s glorious reaction and posted it to Twitter, told Mashable.

“He’s a HUGE fan,” Stewart added of his relative, who he told HuffPost moved to the U.S. just five years ago and remains “very patriotic” of his homeland.

The 28-second clip has now gone viral, much like the hilarious Usain Bolt smiling face meme.

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