Grandpa Is 'Worst Wingman Ever,' Proves Better At 'Cockblocking'

WATCH: Grandpa Is 'Worst Wingman Ever,' Proves Better At 'Cockblocking'

Joe Cole, the 88-year-old grandpa who hilariously received a lesson from his grandson on "cockblocking" in a recent viral video, is back again to soak up more about the modern dating scene.

This time he learns what it means to be a "wingman." But Grandpa Joe shows in a pretend bar setting that perhaps he doesn't quite get the concept. He's accused of cockblocking instead.

Cole's grandson, Toronto's Ethan Cole, told The Huffington Post that Joe's enjoying the online visibility from the "Explaining Things To My Grandfather" clips, but he's happier that his family finds them hysterical.

"I definitely think he has some comedic chops," the grandson said.

Congrats on the funny, Joe, but stop the cockblocking!

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