Being A Grandparent: Expectation Vs. Reality

Being A Grandparent: Expectation Vs. Reality

You've pestered your kids for years about when they'll finally get their act together and start a family so you can have some adorable grandkids to play with (and brag about). You daydream about idyllic summer vacations, telling them your life stories, spoiling them with your home cooking, and look forward to a lifetime of Polaroid moments... until the day finally comes, and you begin to wonder if being a grandparent is really all it's cracked up to be.

Here are some reminders that you should be careful what you wish for.

Expectation: Your grandkids will listen intently to your stories and revere you.

grandparent telling story

Reality: You might just become the victim of their pranks.

Expectation: You'll make lasting memories on loving family trips that bring you closer than ever.

grandparent vacation

Reality: You'll get stuck for hours on end in the cramped backseat of a car with teenagers blasting music and eating junk food.

Expectation: Grandparenting is like parenting without the responsibilities.

grandparent goodbye

Reality: Surprise! You're now the newest go-to babysitter. Best part, your services are free of charge!

Expectation: You'll enjoy a quiet afternoon of storytime and freshly baked cookies. Mmm!

grandma reading

Reality: They'll eat all your food and turn your house upside down.

Expectation: Grandkids are angels. You could never get enough of them.

grandma kissing

Reality: After about two hours or so, you've had enough.

Expectation: You'll spend your summers at the beach with the grandkids, building sandcastles, and teaching them how to swim.

grandparents beach

Reality: You'll get stuck blowing up their pool toys and spend the rest of the day lightheaded.

Expectation: You'll wake up to find your grandkids have made you breakfast in bed to show how much they love you.

grandparents bed grandkids

Reality: You'll wake up to find you've become the victim of a makeover.

But mostly, most playdates will just end like this.

Happy grandparenting!

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