Grandparents' Health Advice Highlights Folk Medicine And Common Sense

09/24/2012 08:23am ET | Updated September 24, 2012

While most of us have medical doctors from the time we're born, grandma and grandpa often play an important role as "health consultants" -- passing down folk wisdom, common sense and advice.

And while the suggestions range from research-based (aloe gel for burns; ginger ale for an upset stomach) to pretty out there (we're not naming names), they are all said with the astounding, over-the-top love that only a grandparent can give. Read on for the greatest hits from the progenitors of HuffPost staffers and then add your own!

Nota bene: The following suggestions are not doctor approved -- just bubby approved. Healthy Living doesn't endorse them as medical remedies.

Listen To Your Nana
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