Grandma And Grandpa Celebrate 60+ Years Of Marriage With 'Up'-Themed Duet

They're like a real-life version of Carl And Ellie! 🎈

YouTuber Jason Lyle Black came up with a super sweet way to commemorate his grandparents' 60+ years of marriage -- with a Pixar's "Up"-themed piano duet.

Jason, who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, wrote the arrangement for his grandparents based on the song playing during the movie's opening montage.

Before shooting the video earlier this month, Jason's Grandma and Grandpa watched "Up" for the first time.

"They loved it," Jason told The Huffington Post. "They thought it was really cute."

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"Up" fans will notice a number of references to the film throughout the video -- the tennis-ball walker, the Adventure Book and Jason dressed up in Russell's Wilderness Explorer uniform, to name a few.

Over the years, Grandma and Grandpa -- who would prefer to keep their real names private -- have always played piano together at family functions.

"I’ve loved their piano duets ever since I was a little kid," Jason wrote on YouTube. "So this will be a family treasure for all of us."

Jason also told HuffPost that his grandparents have always reminded him of the things that are most important in life -- like family.

"They are simple, everyday, ordinary people -- and I say that not in a bad way," he said. "They are just like every other cute older couple that have been married for 60 years. They are simple people who just love each other and love their family."

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