Kelly Yang, Mother, Explains Why Grandparents Have Played Such A Big Role In Raising Her Children

With so many demands put on parents these days, it's no wonder some are looking for outside assistance with raising their children. Kelly Yang, a mother in Hong Kong and the founder of the The Kelly Yang Project, says she thinks parents need to be leaning more heavily on their own parents for help.

Yang recently wrote "Lean in, and lean on Grandma" for The Washington Post, an article in which she explains what a critical role her parents have played in the development of her children. On HuffPost Live recently, Yang said that her mother has helped pass along the legacy of the Chinese culture to her children, but that she's also played a major role in the family's decision-making, helping them choose everything from where to go on vacation to which camps her children should attend.

After her article was published, Yang said she received criticism from some who called her a bad mother for letting her mother look after her children. But she said in this age when families are so splintered, there are benefits to building these close partnerships.

"People have to be really realistic about time and money and all kinds of other restraints and just have an open, frank conversation," Yang said.