Grandparents Share Timeless Love Advice That We Could All Use

Dating is tough. Your grandparents can help.


Ever wish dating was simpler and less complicated? Grandparents can help with that.

Back before the days of meeting people online and Tinder-ing, there were proper first dates and an entire rulebook of dating. BuzzFeed Yellow called on some wise, experienced grandparents to share their wisdom with their love-confused grandkids. 

Some common gray areas included issues like who pays for dinner and is it ever OK to have sex on a first date?

Their advice might seem old-school or dated, but it clearly worked out for the elders, as many of them have been married for decades. 

One thing's clear, dating is nothing today like it used to be. According to the grandparents:

The man should always pay, online dating is dangerous and you should always introduce your sweetheart to your parents on the first date. 

OK ... so the younger generation might have a hard time getting on board with that. But you might want to listen up to what they had to say about keeping the magic in a marriage after years and years together.

"Invite her to have a dinner," one grandpa said. "Have date nights," one grandma said. 

In the past, long-term couples have told us that making each other laugh every day, making an effort and growing together are the keys to a lifetime of happiness. 

But the best advice from the video? "Be a nice person inside and outside. If you're a nice person, you'll keep your relationship forever."


There's some advice we can all heed.

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