Grandpa's 'Roar' Gives Toddler The Scare Of His Life In Adorable Video

Cuteness overload.

Playing with grandpa is a roaring good time. Literally. At least for little Jett. The 18-month-old toddler is a YouTube sensation thanks to an adorable video of him having the time of his life -- as well as the scare of his life -- during playtime with grandpa. 

Jett's aunt, Harli White, told The Huffington Post that Jett has loved playing chase with grandpa since he was old enough to walk. 

But during this particular playtime, grandpa decided to surprise Jett by pretending to be a lion. Harli called Jett and as the toddler comes running, he's blown away by grandpa's majestic roar, making for the cutest reaction ever.

But it's OK. Turns out Jett likes being scared. "He loves it. He starts laughing afterwards," Harli said.

Harli shared the video with friends and family before deciding to share the priceless moment with America's Funniest Home Videos, where it was recently featured. The video has gotten a huge response on YouTube with around 30,000 views to date. 

We can't stop re-playing this one.

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