Grant Denyer, Weatherman, Passes Out During Live Broadcast From Stunt Plane (VIDEO)

An Australian weatherman may have gotten more than he bargained for when he agreed to deliver the weather report during a live, mid-air broadcast from a stunt plane.

Strapped into the backseat, Channel 7 Sunrise weatherman Grant Denyer passed out while he was pushing the limit, permitting former fighter pilot Matt Hall to go 8Gs -- gravity forces -- in the small plane.

"I want to see how long I can last at 8G," Denyer joked before his on-air collapse. "I want to know if I'm as tough as Matt Hall."

He soon found out it wouldn't take long for his body to succumb to the intense acceleration.

During the video clip of the incident, Denyer's head bobs to the side as he loses consciousness (at about 2:10 in video above). The camera quickly cuts away as anchor Melissa Doyle, back in the studio, reacts, exclaiming: "He's passed out! Oh, cut! We don't want to see."

Denyer soon took to Twitter provide an explanation.

The weatherman later revealed what actually occured during the flight. He seemed to be in good spirits, joking about how he looked when he passed out.

Video footage of the incident was quickly shared on the Internet after the live broadcast. By Sunday, the clip reportedly was the most viewed video on Sunrise's website.

Why Denyer passed out and Hall didn't involves a number of factors, but the biggest reason may be because, as a seasoned stunt pilot, Hall is more accustomed to the physiological effects of pulling Gs.

The amount of G forces that are tolerable differs by individual. But for all of us it depends on three factors: the direction in which the G forces are felt, the amount of G's involved, and how long those G's last.

Denyer described the experience to the Daily Telegraph later, explaining: "My whole body just started to feel all warm and cosy to be honest."

"I had no idea I passed out," Denyer said. "But I was out for about six or seven seconds.''



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