This GIF Of Grapes Becoming Raisins Is Oddly Mesmerizing

It's oddly mesmerizing.
07/19/2017 06:00am ET

For most of us, it’s common knowledge that before raisins were raisins, they were grapes. It’s also generally known that they’re sun-dried, because it’s advertised on so many raisin boxes. But how many of you have actually thought about what the sun-drying process looks like? Because, let us tell you, it’s pretty captivating.

We came across a time-lapse post on Reddit of this very transformation and we cannot look away. Watch:

According to the California Raisin Industry that produces 100 percent of U.S. raisins, most commercial raisins that we eat are sun-dried. The grapes are dried either right on the vine, after the stem has been clipped, or on paper-lined trays. It’s a streamlined and efficient process, but some say that actually making your own raisins at home from fresh grapes results in a far superior tasting raisin. Seriously.

If you’ve always been on the fence when it comes to this dried fruit, you might want to try and make a batch at home. Of course, it’s a little tricker to sun-dry at home, but you can pretty easily dehydrate them in your oven.

Oven-made raisins aren’t exactly the same thing as sun-dried, but they’re almost better ― juicier, plumper, and they’ll pop in any dish you add them to. Serious Eats has a good step-by-step recipe for oven-made raisins. Check it out, and reconsider the raisin.