'Memento' Broken Down In A Graphic (PHOTO)

'Memento's' Complicated Plot Simplified In A Pleasing Graphic

Remember 2000's mind warp that was "Memento?" The double-plot-timeline shown in black-and-white and color clips created a montage of titillating scenes, piecing together a story for the viewer much like the perspective of amnesia-burdened star Leonard Shelby. A psychological thriller at its best, "Memento" explored a sort of "Inception"-like realm far before Leonardo DiCaprio hopped into multiple dimensions.

Now, artist and designer Greg Burney has mapped the whirlwind of a plot into a visually pleasing graphic. Featuring a somewhat easy-to-follow arrow and color coded system, the half circle graph tracks the stratified plot.

Click below for a full-screen version of the graphic:

Watch below for a clip from "Memento:"

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