Mary Ann Moorman, Woman Who Took 'Grassy Knoll' Photo, Shares Memories Of JFK Assassination

Mary Ann Moorman, who took the famous "grassy knoll" photo on the day President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas, sat down with NBC to share her memories of the incident.

Moorman said "it was an exciting time" to see President Kennedy, but he wasn't the main reason she was in Dallas that day.

"[W]e liked Jackie. We wanted to see Jackie, and that was the main reason to come downtown," Moorman said in what "Today Show" host Matt Lauer said was her first broadcast interview in nearly 50 years.

Moorman described what it was like to hear the "pow, pow, pow" of the gunshots aimed at Kennedy, and said she overheard the chaos inside the president's car after he'd been hit.

"I heard Jackie yell, 'My God, he's been shot,'" Moorman said.

Moorman also said she "saw his hair jump" after Kennedy was shot.

"But it wasn't just his hair -- it was part of his head," Moorman said. "That is so clear in my mind to this day."

Moorman's famous Polaroid of the Kennedy assassination was recently put up for auction in Cincinnati, but did not sell. Ahead of the auction, Moorman told the Cincinnati Enquirer she took the photos for her son so he wouldn’t have to miss school the day Kennedy visited Dallas.



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