Grateful for Just Being Girls

The first time I went to see Emotional Creature was with my best friend Jadé. What a big mistake! Neither of us can be on time for anything, and unfortunately the trains were still being stupid so that made us even more late.

We managed to get to the theatre and were seated above the audience on the sides. We walked in at the perfect time -- during my favorite and one of the most relatable pieces in the book for me. Sade was performing "The Joke About My Nose." I instantly recognized it and was drawn in before I even got settled into my seat. It was just as funny and appealing as it was in the book! So many of the pieces had been brought to life with the live play. The one that had really did justice for me was "Free Barbie." I didn't really like or understand it in the book. When I saw it an action, it was so eye opening! I was all like, "Oh my gawwwwwsh!"

When a classmate and I got invited to the show for a second time, I could hardly wait. It was probably even better the second time I saw it. It was just amazing. I recommend this play to anyone who asks me about my fabulous Emotional Creature wristband. I recommend it to all the boys who ask me why I'm so odd, and all the people who come to me for advice or feel like they're alone in the world. We can all be grateful for the lives we have or just for being girls.