Gratitude and the Hourglass

My mom said she saw a sign recently that made her wince.

The sign was letting people know that a bridge under construction was expected to be completed in 15 years.

My mom, in her 80ies, immediately thought she might not be alive to see it.

She tells me gratitude for seniors takes on new meaning because they realize they have a limited window of life. But my mom, with her gritty determination, said "we just have to take one day at a time and be grateful for every day."

When I listened, I felt deep compassion because I'm not plagued by thoughts about "my limited window of life" just yet.

I know my mom is right. Seniors come to realize that gratitude is a minute-by-minute, day-by-day affair, and it works against them to focus on the sand slipping through the hourglass.