Gratitude for Everyday Heroics

My friend has to have dialysis for eight to 10 hours a day and this has been her life for the past year.

The scarring of her kidney is what makes dialysis necessary, and dialysis -- for the uninitiated -- is a process of removing waste and excess water from the blood.

My friend suffers from Nephropathy, an autoimmune disease, and in these types of diseases the body's immune system becomes misdirected and attacks the very organs it was designed to protect.

Sadly, these types of diseases are affecting more and more women these days. Of the 50 million Americans coping with autoimmune diseases, more than 75 percent of them are women.

My friend says dealing with dialysis has been a struggle, and that's why she "practices" being positive. She says it's a clear choice.

As she puts it, "It's easy to get sucked into negativity and drama."

I find my friend heroic.

When you're up against a serious struggle, do you "practice" being positive? How are your everyday heroics?