Gratitude for Francis Ford Coppola, the Barefoot Genius

The great part about being a journalist is that you have a passport of sorts to enter people's lives that would otherwise be off limits.

With that in mind, I had the good fortune to interview Francis Ford Coppola and hear his take on the difference between art and business. He was barefoot, sitting on the couch of his Napa Valley victorian. Behind him were colorful drawings by kids which seemed to be taped impulsively to his living room walls. (I loved his taste in art and his penchant for spontaneity.)

At any rate, he explained that art was unique every single time and for that reason painstakingly difficult to create. Business, by contrast, was about building a platform so you could just repeat the process.

I'll never forget that moment in time when the Oscar-award winning director explained the fingerprint of art to me. To this day, I am grateful for the barefoot genius' take on art and for the passport that granted me the conversation.