Gratitude for Those Combating 'Firenados'

"Frienados" are described as the fast-moving swirls of intense flames blazing in San Diego County.

The hardest-hit in the raging wildfires were San Marcos and Carlsbad, a suburb of 110,000 people.

Even though I'm not in the midst of a firenado, I have a deep feeling about those who put themselves in its path by choice now that I have a loved one who is a firefighter. He's a courageous soul whose bravery is only outmatched by his kindness.

Most of us don't give much thought to these everyday heroes who put their life at risk every day, foot soldiers of sorts with a formidable enemy -- intense flames that can wipe out entire neighborhoods with a simple shift of winds.

I'm now well versed in firefighter strategy and how they do their best to outsmart Mother Nature or at the very least watch her every move. I know all about the latest harness built into their jackets so those suffering can be pulled out by their fellow firefighters.

I watch the news and see the ache of those losing homes, photographs, memories. I also see glimpses of those daring firefighters chasing the flames, our everyday heroes who deserve a purple heart.