Just A Reminder That Gratitude Can Be Life Changing

It's not just for the Thanksgiving table anymore.

Have you expressed thanks today?

It's one thing to be grateful for the big things -- your job, your loved ones, your health -- but don't forget to acknowledge the tiny treasures, too. Happiness can also be a cumulation of puppies, a good song on the radio and a passing compliment in the hallway. It's just a matter of recognizing them when they're in front of you.

Studies show gratitude can benefit your health in unexpected ways, including more optimism, lower stress and even a better marriage. And there are many ways to practice it, from jotting your joys in a journal to just telling someone "thank you" out loud.

Take a look at the video above to discover the perks of thankfulness and the different ways you can express it. Gratitude isn't just for the Thanksgiving table anymore.

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