Why There Should Be A Pen On Your Thanksgiving Table

Turkey, cranberry relish, stuffing and a pen. Just a few necessities that should grace your Thanksgiving table.

If one of these things doesn't seem quite like the others, perhaps you need to spend a little time contemplating a gratitude practice. Guests of your dinner, you see, should use the pen to write down a few things for which they feel grateful (oh, a piece of paper might come in handy, too). Just this small stunt -- the physical action of jotting down a couple of things you're happy to have in your life -- has been shown to reinforce happy thoughts. Our brains have a tendency to focus on the negative, so this action helps to stop our thoughts from going down a dark path and bring them back on a happy trail.

The whole essence of this November holiday is gratitude (OK, and wildly phenomenal food), so why not make the most of gratitude for all its many benefits?

Health Benefits Of Gratitude