Astronaut Chris Hadfield Says 'Gravity' Got Sandra Bullock's Underwear Wrong, But That's Okay

Astronaut Chris Hadfield dropped by "Conan" where he talked about the hit film "Gravity," starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. As one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year, Conan O'Brien wanted to get a genuine astronaut's take on the movie's depictions of space. And while Hadfield said that visually "Gravity" was the most realistic and stunning take on spacewalks yet seen, there was one scene he had to take issue with.

O'Brien pointed out a scene where Sandra Bullock's character takes off her spacesuit and is floating around in black underwear and a tank top. It turns out this wasn't even close to the truth. "Inside our space suits, we're wearing like a Halloween costume which is a liquid cooling garment," Hadfield explained. "We're wearing ... big boy kind of Pull-Up diapers underneath. And you come out; you've been sweating in there for eight hours. Your hair looks like rat fur."

"We do not look like an underwear model when we come out," Hadfield concluded. But we're going to agree with O'Brien that Hollywood made the right call. Some poetic license is to be expected in the movies, and in some cases, even preferred.

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