It took 396 gallons of gravy to make the meaty meet happen.

Gravy wrestling isn't the most tasteful athletic competition, but it might be the meatiest.

The 6th Annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships got good and greasy Monday afternoon in Rossendale, UK, thanks to 22 participants who threw down in 396 gallons of beef gravy outside of the Rose n Bowl pub.

Gravy wrestling rules are simple: grapplers roll around in the meaty liquid for two minutes, with points going to the wrestlers who inspire the meatiest audience response.

Many stout-hearted wrestlers didn't think the gravy dressing was enough, so they dressed in costume. Fred Flintstone, a pregnant nun and even a chicken made appearances, according to South West News Service.

South West News Service

Joel Hicks was the winning male gravy wrestler and he managed to beat competitors dressed as Gandalf.

Watching people rolling around in gravy might sound like an inspiration to turn to veganism permanently, but not to spectator George Mason.

"It made me really hungry and it was really tempting to jump in there myself," Mason told South West News Service. "The first thing we did afterwards was go and buy some chips and gravy. It's one of our favourite foods around here."

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