Grayson Clamp, 3, Hears Dad For The First Time After Receiving Auditory Brain Stem Implant (VIDEO)

WATCH: Deaf 3-Year-Old Hears Father Say 'Daddy Loves You'

Three-year-old Grayson Clamp heard sound for the first time three weeks ago. WBTV reports that Grayson was born completely deaf without cochlear nerves.

His parents, Len and Nicole Clamp, were willing to try anything to help their son hear. A cochlear implant (an electronic device that helps provide sound to the hard-of-hearing) didn't work.

The Clamps did some research and found another alternative. Now, Grayson is the only child to have received an auditory brain stem implant. The implant, which helps people who are deaf due to auditory nerve damage, has been offered to adults before.

Watch the heartwarming moment that Grayson hears his dad for the first time above, and click over to WBTV for the full story.

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