We've Got Chills Over This 'Grease' Theory That Sandy Was Dead The Whole Time

Yes, they're multiplying.

A dark “Grease” fan theory is racing across the internet, and the creepiest thing is how it goes together like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong.

It all starts with the peculiar end of the movie. Danny and Sandy get in a car and fly off into the sky. Everyone acts like this is normal.

But, generally, cars don’t fly. So what’s the explanation? 

Well, think back to the beginning of the movie. In the song “Summer Nights,” Danny explains that when he met Sandy, “I saved her life; she nearly drowned.”

According to the theory, Sandy did drown. The whole movie is just a fantasy playing in her head as she struggles for oxygen, and the car flies away when she is sent to heaven.

Ugh! We got chills now. Yes, they’re multiplying.

The theory isn’t new; it’s been around for years. But it’s recently made a resurgence online, and everyone is losing their shiz.

Even Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is getting in on it. You’d expect that Buffy had come across some weird stuff in her vampire-slaying days, but Gellar says the theory has “blown her mind.” 

The theory makes sense, mostly because, again, cars don’t usually fly, but also considering the other lyrics in “Summer Nights”:

She swam by me she got a cramp
He ran by me got my suit damp
I saved her life she nearly drowned
He showed off splashing around

Sandy doesn’t even reference getting a cramp or almost drowning, instead saying Danny “showed off.” You know, Sandy, “denial” isn’t just a river in Africa.

Also, remember how the beginning of the movie shows Sandy asking Danny, “Is this the end?” He replies, “Of course not. It’s only the beginning.”

It’s an interesting question. At the time, you think Sandy is just talking about the couple’s relationship. But, according to this theory, it is the end for you, Sandy. Sorry.

OK, gosh, be cool. It’s just a theory. But it is electrifyin’!

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