10 Great Airport Restaurants

Try one of these 10 restaurants the next time you're stuck -- you might be so impressed, you'll make a voluntary trip back (at least at the pre-security locations).
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Whether it's due to a delayed flight, a speedier-than-expected security line or a long layover, we all have to brave the airport eatery gauntlet at some point in our traveling lives. This frequently means stomaching wilted paninis or salads imprisoned in plastic and sometimes, if we're honest, means eating Starburst in bulk.

Instead of settling for the mediocre fare offered everywhere, try one of these 10 restaurants the next time you're stuck. Some of these restaurants are so good you might head to the airport just to graze. Others are behind the security checkpoint.

-- By Caroline Morse

The Salt Lick, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Best Airport Restaurants

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