Great Books for a Joyous Holiday Season

Great Books for a Joyous Holiday Season
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need gift ideas?

Still shopping for that perfect gift? Need some terrific books for your favorite readers? May we suggest the following:

For the history lover: The Miseries of Occupation: A Memoir by Konstantinos Koskoletos. The book is a searing account of the author’s 70 year quest to vindicate the memory of his father killed by fascists in Aegina Greece after WW2/the Greek Civil War. Quite compelling!

For those seeking to a breakthrough in personal growth and creativity: Breaking into Brilliance by Master Teacher Lynn Singer. Both an interactive online experience or a softcover book and journal, Singer’s book helps anyone tap into their innate creativity and to create the life they want. Softcover and Journal are also available from .

Thriller and mystery lovers: K-Town Confidential by Claire Kim and Brad Chisholm. This is one thrill ride of a novel following young lawyer, Holly Park as she defends accused murderer Naomi Linzer caught with a knife in hand and a dead councilman at her feel. It’s a glimpse at the underworld of karaoke hostesses and clubs, and so much more in Los Angeles Koreatown.

For a cozy read: Mad Beautiful Love by Kim Carson is a delightful romp with twists and turns secrets and romance as Penny Robinson decides if its worth losing a bet to find true love!

A jet set throwback: Maria’s Adventurous Life by Maria Dominick a memoir, almost diary of a woman living in a glamorous, privileged world of very wealthy people who yet suffers the joys and tragedies that affect us all. It’s an easy quick read that opens ups a world — especially in the 70’s, 80’s and even to today — that is sometimes a mystery to us!

Memories! I Was There All Along: A Memoir by Margo T Krasne is a wonderful memoir covering mid-20th century to now NYC! Margo was an actress, radio ad producer, sculptor, communications coach, and now a writer. She’s had a wonderfully full life and shares it — ups and downs — in this delightful memoir. It feels like you’re having dinner with a sexy fun friend.

Wisdom: Wisdom Man by Camilla Chance Some lives, like that of Banjo Clarke, are so special thy touch countless others without trying. Camilla Chance became his friend spending 25 years interviewing him. Banjo was convinced that traditional Aboriginal values could help the world counter greed, conceit, and lack of human caring, and he wanted his story recorded in his own words by someone he trusted outside his family. Available in English in Kindle Format. For Francophiles: Un Homme De Sagasse is also available in a new French translation.

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