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'The Great Chicken Wing Hunt' Filmmaker Tests Insane Hot Sauce (VIDEO)

Don't try this at home.

Super Bowl season is synonymous with many things -- beer, nachos, party dips and above all else, chicken wings. Last year Americans ate 1.25 billion wings on Super Bowl Sunday. With that many wings, surely some are superior to others. So where do the best chicken wings come from?

Just in time for this year's unofficial national wings day, a new documentary, "The Great Chicken Wing Hunt," sets out to answer that very question. The film comes out on January 14, and will be screened in theaters across the country over the next month. It's also available on iTunes. Filmmaker Matt Reynolds tried 284 varieties of wings over the course of 16 days on his quest to find the world's best wings.

One of the most painful stops occurred at Duff's Brooklyn, where Reynolds tried an infamously strong hot sauce and barely withstood the heat. The sauce, Defcon's The Zero, scores over two million on the Scoville Scale, a measurement of heat for chili peppers. To put that in perspective, sriracha is said to score around 2,200 units.

Defcon Sauces' website says The Zero "contains pure heat and really isn't for straight consumption but is more of a collector item to enjoy." That didn't stop Reynolds from tasting it. In this video clip from the documentary, Reynolds eats a single wing that has been painted with a few drops of The Zero sauce. Over the next few -- painful -- minutes, the heat starts to set in until eventually Reynolds reports that it hurts to breathe.

What follows are clips of Reynolds coating his tongue in sugar and sipping water in an attempt to cope with the residual heat. The video says you need 560 cups of sugar water to neutralize one drop of the spicy sauce.

On the hunt for the world's best wings, it really is no pain, no gain.

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