10 Keys To Creating A Great Company Culture: Free Beer, Unlimited Vacation & More

10 Keys To A Great Company Culture: Free Beer, Unlimited Vacation & More
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I've received a number of questions and comments lately regarding the unique company culture at HubSpot, mainly because of our recent recognition by the Boston Business Journal as the number one best place to work (just ahead of Google!) and by the Boston Globe as the number four top workplace. The recognition resulting from these awards has tended to emphasize HubSpot's perks like free beer and no vacation policy, but that's only a snapshot.

At HubSpot, we are trying to create something I like to call a "post-modern culture," and believe it or not, this post-modern culture was inspired by the TV show Mad Men. The show is set in an advertising company 50 years ago, and it pokes fun at corporate culture in that era. While watching Mad Men, I couldn't help but wonder what a show might look like 50 years from today that poked fun at current working conditions and company culture. That led me to think a bit about what didn't make sense anymore given the realities of the Gen Y worker, broadband internet at home, constant connectivity via mobile devices, the modern market for hiring exceptional people, etc.

Here are some of the more interesting features of working life at a post-modern company that
have come from this Mad Men-inspired thinking:

No Vacation Policy

Hub Spot

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