Great Dane And Deer Make Unusual Friendship (VIDEO)

WATCH: The World's Second Oddest Animal Friendship

Believe it or not, this is not the weirdest animal friendship of all time.

But Pippin, a young deer, and Kate, a black great dane, have struck up one of the oddest relationships we have seen, and it truly seems to be loving.

Isabel Springet, a nature photographer, and her husband found the fawn, which was injured. According to the CBS video below, Springet waited three days before bringing the deer home.

She says that Kate almost automatically took to Pipin, as he recovered. While in nature, the deer might be easy prey for a great dane, the domestic setting seems to have brought the two together.

These two are at least both mammals. Fum (the cat) and Gebra (the barn owl) probably take the cake for our oddest animal friendship of all time. Check out our favorite cute inter-species animal families here.

You can learn more about Kate and Pippin by visiting

WATCH the dog-deer friendship:


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