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'Great Gatsby' Hair: A Modern Take On Mia Farrow's Curly Crop (PHOTOS)

Carey Mulligan makes for one cute debutante with her blinged-out bob in the 2013 movie remake of "The Great Gatsby." But we want to take a look back at Mia Farrow's Daisy Buchanan and her curly, cropped hairdo.

Farrow's romantic hairstyle framed her freckled-face perfectly and remained intact underneath those big, billowy hats. (How did she do it?) Getting the whole "hat hair" thing down pat may take some practice, but you can easily recreate the actress' '20s hair.

Scroll down for Oribe hair care stylist Tom Gallagher's tutorial on how to modernize Mia Farrow's "Great Gatsby" hairstyle.

great gatsby hair

1. Prep damp hair by applying a strong hold product like Rock Hard Gel at the roots. Create a defined side part, and use a blow dryer and your hands to create a wave on one side. Clip the wave in place.

2. Use either Gel Serum (for coarse hair) or Crᅢᄄme for Style (for fine hair) and blow dry the rest of the hair.

3. Spritz on Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray (helps to lock in shine) and use a medium-barrel curling iron to create horizontal waves, working down to the ends of the hair. To do this, take horizontal sections of hair in the iron, leaving the ends out, and rotate the iron one turn. Then, flip the direction of the iron and create another wave below. Continue this pattern until you've mimicked a finger wave.

4. Remove clips from the hairline. Use your hands and the cool setting on the blow dryer to loosen hair waves for a more modern touch.

5. If your hair is longer than above-the-shoulders, pin it under the nape to create a faux bob.

6. Spray with Dry Texturizing Spray to set and add texture. Finish with a vintage-inspired hair accessory.

Would you wear this 1920s-inspired hairstyle today?

Marvel in Mia Farrow's "Great Gatsby" beauty:

"The Great Gatsby" 1974

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