13 Perfect Gifts For Your S.O.'s Family

Great gift ideas for your boyfriend's or girlfriend's parents.
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Congrats are in order and the champagne should be flowing, because if you’re searching for what to get your partner’s family for the holidays, your relationship is probably going pretty well.

While it’s a huge step for you and your relationship, it’s enough to make any partner feel a little nervous.

It’s not easy to even find a gift for the guy who’s hard to shop for or the girlfriend who loves taking care of her skin. After all, it’s hard enough to find perfect gifts for your S.O.’s parents when you’ve been together for a while, so finding one to give for your first time meeting is tough to even think of.

Though you could always stock up on Anthropologie candles and call it a day, a memorable first impression might mean that you have to think outside the wick.

To help, we’ve gathered up 13 great gift ideas for your partner’s family that they’ll appreciate and definitely ask your partner to have you back next holiday season.

Take a look below:

Matching jammies to wear around the fire.
Get comfortable with your partner’s family by literally getting comfortable with them. Snatch up some cozy, matching PJs, and the whole crew will be thanking you for keeping them snug after that heavy holiday meal. Don’t forget a matching set for the family pet, too.
A board game to spice up the night.
A person can endure only so many awkward getting-to-know-you convos, but a group game can help break the ice in a fun way. Team up with your S.O.’s mom or dad for a round of Codenames, let Grandma’s army capture Europe in a game of Risk, or see just how crazy your potential future in-laws are with a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity.
A fancy agate cheese board.
Wooden cheese boards may be a fairly common gift, but this fancy agate plate is not your average cheese board. Sparkly, colorful and downright gorgeous, these agate slices are conversation pieces in their own right. If you know your partner’s family loves to entertain, give this gift to score an invite to their next dinner party.
A beard grooming kit, for the guys.
Your S.O.’s dad, uncle and grandpa might have been sporting their belly-length beards since before you were born. Show them how much you appreciate their patience and dedication to statement facial hair with this Better Beard Kit from Birchbox that'll replace their old one.
A relaxing bath salt bundle, for mom.
World Market
Give your S.O.’s mom the gift of self care with five-piece set of bath salts. The salts are made of dried botanicals and come in festive scents like mistletoe and frosted berries. She'll be begging to have you back next year.
An old-fashioned cocktail kit (and a bottle of bourbon).
Uncommon Goods
Keep the good times flowing with this spiced old-fashioned cocktail kit, which, when added to your favorite kind of whiskey, makes eight delicious cocktails that the 21-and-up crew can enjoy. Running low on dad’s favorite spirit? Use Drizly to have a new bottle delivered in under an hour.
A personalized tea set.
Etsy / PeonyDesignDorset
Every family has at least one fanatical tea lover. Ask your S.O. who fits the bill in his or her family, and get them this stackable, personalized teapot and cup. Next time they enjoy a hot cuppa, they’ll think fondly of you.
A personalized grill set.
Etsy / FlowertownWeddings
Does your partner keep waxing poetic about their father’s grill skills? This engraved BBQ grilling set is the perfect gift for any self-proclaimed grillmaster.
A sweet Santa sweater for the family dog or cat.
There is no better “in” to a family than through their beloved family pet. Give their furry family member a sweet, striped Santa sweater to sport during holiday parties. After all, no one can resist the screech of joy that comes whenever an animal's wearing clothes.
This portable speaker.
Whether they’re into Christmas music, metal, talk radio or podcasts, this portable wireless bluetooth speaker will help get the holiday party started. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for that hard-to-shop-for family member.
A chocolate and wine pairing set.
Uncommon Goods
This one is simple. People love wine. People love chocolate. Put them together, and you have the perfect gift for people you don’t really know.
A bestselling cookbook filled with comfort food recipes.
Tieghan Gerard's recently released cookbook is full of recipes for easy meal prepping and options for one pot wonders. If comfort food might not be their style, you can find some of our other favorite cookbooks, too.
A wireless charging pad, for the whole family.
Everyone has a phone, and no one ever has enough chargers. This wireless charging pad is a great gift for everyone, but especially your S.O.’s techie dad. With almost 2,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating, you can't go wrong.

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