Great-Grandma Celebrates 100th Birthday By Going Skydiving, Swimming With Sharks

Woman's 100th Birthday Makes The Rest Of Us Look Seriously Lame

Georgina Harwood may be 100, but she doesn't act a day over 92. Then again, her 92 could just as easily pass for someone else's 30.

That's because Harwood was 92 when she went skydiving the first time. Last Friday, to celebrate her 100th birthday, the great-grandmother went skydiving for a third time -- and she plans to continue the party on Monday by going scuba diving with sharks.

After her tandem jump, the South African described the experience to the Associated Press as "wonderful" and "exhilarating."

CBS reports 15 of Harwood's family members and friends joined her on the jump.

Happy birthday, Georgina!

South Africa Centenarian

Great Grandmother Goes Skydiving For 100th Birthday