15 Beautiful Photos Show Why Great-Grandparents Are So Special

15 Beautiful Photos Show Why Great-Grandparents Are So Special

"We have been blessed to have our children meet and get to spend time with their great-grandparents," said Trista Larson, who shared a photo of her 80-year-old grandfather Bill and her son Arny with Huff/Post50. "We make sure to tell them every day about their great-grandparents to keep them always in their hearts."

She said she loves the way the "forever young" Bill gets down to Arny's level to play. "It is so special to watch them interact, and their special bond grow!" she said.

When we asked readers to share images of great-grandparents with their great-grandkids, we received hundreds of photos that showcase how precious that relationship is.

Check out 15 gorgeous photos ― as well as dozens more included in the slideshow below. What beautiful families!

Bill and Arny
Trista Larson
Bill Johnson, 80, and his great-grandson, Arny Larson, de 9 months.
Marge and Hanna
Marge Von Bargen, 90, and her great-granddaughter, Hanna Henderson, 3.
Laura and Joseph
Alexis Sherman
Laura "Nana" Smith and her great-grandson, Joseph Sherman.
Sammy and his eight great-grand childen
Desria Seay
Sammy Seay and his eight great-grand childen. Left to right, Asiah, Azariah, Alijah, Aniyah, Ariyanah, Anthony, Ava and Alexia.
Irene and Tyler
Amanda Kowalski
In a photo taken in June 2001. Irene Kowalsk, 83 then, and her great-grandson, Tyler Scott, 2 1/2. He was the apple of her eyes. Irene passed away March 2008.
Robert, Penny and Lane
Crystal Holden
Robert (Bob) y Penny Bodell and their great-grandson, Lane. "My Grandfather Robert (Bob) was a very gentle soul. When we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for a visit (which was often), there was lots of playing, coloring, cookies, suckers, cheese, harmonicas, dancing, toe nail clipping, pill setting, lawn mowing, gardening and various other activities ... I almost ALWAYS had my camera with me as I wanted to capture everything ... I knew the photographs would become more and more important to me and my children as the years pass by, and they have ... they are my TREASURES," said Crystal Holden, Lane's mother.
Herman and Mackenzie
Stephanie Schornick
Herman Mason, 81, and great-granddaughter Mackenzie Schornick, 3.
John and Zoey
Cook family
John Cook (passed away in February 2014) with great-granddaugter, Zoey Watilo, 14 months in the photo.
Dorothy and Magnolia
Lydia Lay Clark
Dorothy Clark, 85, with her great-granddaughter Magnolia "Noli" Clark, 4 months.
Isadora and Luca
Gonzalez Family
Isadora Gonzalez, 76, meeting her great-grandson, Luca Licitra, 4-weeks-old in the photo, for the first time.
Jack and Aiden
Carole-Anne O'Neill
Jack O'Neill, (93 in the photo but now deceased) with his great-grandson, Aiden O'Neill, 3.
Ronald and Mya
Amber Dougherty
Ronald Perry, 85, with his great-granddaughter, Mya Dougherty, 2 1/2 -- taking their mid-afternoon nap together.
Susan and Jameson
Stephanie White
Susan, who passed away in February at 99, with her great-grandson, Jameson.
Jeanne and Milo
Jennifer New
Jeanne Gilbert, 83, with her great-grandson, Milo Theodore New, 4 months in the photo.
Olga and Kahlan
Ivy Griffith
Olga Bischoff, 94, with her great-granddaughter, Kahlan Griffith, 4.
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