What I Learnt Walking The Great Ocean Road

I consider myself a slashie... no not a model/actress but a city/country girl. I love living in the city but I'll always have a yearning for the country. I notice that if I don't surround myself with nature every few months it impacts my wellbeing and productivity.


So after a day of meetings in Melbourne, I decided to take the weekend to walk part of the Great Ocean Walk along the southern coast of Victoria.

I always learn something when I'm walking along a track or simply being out of the city. Here are a few things I learnt on the Great Ocean Walk.

Soft sand beach walking

I love the sand between my toes just as much as the next person, but after about 1km in very soft sand with burning thighs and glutes, I realised I was making it harder for myself. It was a deserted beach, but someone had walked along the beach earlier. I started walking in their footprints, and it made it so much easier. You don't always have to forge your own path.

Millions of stars

I love staring up at the night sky when I'm in the country. It feels like I'm in a snow globe. I lay on the ground taking in the millions of stars, watching the shooting stars, and seeing that every star shines so brightly. While we like to think we are special, I think it's important to understand we are collectively special. We all shine brightly, and together we create beauty.

Read instructions

When I came to an area where they are trying to eradicate the Cinnamon Fungus there were instructions on how to clean the bottom of your shoes. I didn't read the instructions or even look at the pictures. So I accidentally stepped into a tray of soapy water. For the next few hours my left shoe resembled an overflowing washing machine. Seriously. Instructions are there for a reason!

Look beyond the obvious

I loved seeing the amazing cliffs and towering limestone stacks of the famous 12 Apostles. When I was researching the area, I read about an area just 3km away where fewer visit called Loch Ard Gorge. The offshore stacks were much closer, with blowholes and an island arch that highlighted the power of nature. You don't have to be famous; the power of beauty speaks for itself.

Stepping away from your everyday always throws light on new ideas and experiences. Adventures don't need to be travelling overseas for weeks at a time; they can simply be a weekend away.

So what are you doing this weekend?

About the author
Catriona Pollard is the author of From Unknown To Expert, a step by step framework designed to help entrepreneurs develop effective PR and social media strategies to become recognised as influencers in their field. www.unknowntoexpert.com

Catriona is also the director of CP Communications, which merges traditional PR tactics with cutting-edge social media strategies that engage consumers as well as business. www.cpcommunications.com.au

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