Great Paintings of Women in Repose... With Cats

(A Reclining Beauty With Her Cat, by Fritz Zuber-Bühler, 19th century)

Picasso. Balthus. Iconic artists. Also, big cat fans, and lovers of women. Now throw in a little chill downtime, and you've got the perfect symbiotic, painterly marriage. Behold, a few iconic works by these two aforementioned artists, as well as few others, showcasing women in repose...with cats.

(Idleness, by John William Godward, circa 1900)

(Reclining Woman Playing with a Cat, by Pablo Picasso, 1964. Courtesy of Fondation Beyeler)

(Thérèse Dreaming, by Balthus, 1938. Courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art, JACQUES AND NATASHA GELMAN COLLECTION 1998)

(Laziness (La Paresse), by Félix Vallotton, 1896. Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Houston)

(Reclining Lady With a Cat, by H. Guérault, 19th century)


(Artistin - Marcella, by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1910. Courtesy of Brucke Museum)

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