Great Scott? Not So Much

Chris Hayes has a superb piece in The Nation about a gentleman named Rick Scott, who is heading up the new right-wing health care industry front group opposing reform, Conservatives for Patients' Rights. As Chris says, Scott "is the man who best embodies the spirit of the current conservative opposition."

I remember Scott well from the 1993-94 battle for health care reform. Along with the Health Insurance Association of America (now named AHIP), he helped lead the fight against universal coverage and cost controls last time. As Chris' article documents, Scott is the guy who helped Columbia/HCA destroy community-based hospitals all across America, and who was the CEO while Columbia/HCA made tens of millions of dollars in pure and simple Medicare/Medicaid fraud. You gotta love the right-wing movement in this country:

  • They have a guy who made money on Medicare/Medicaid fraud lead their fight against health care reform
  • Their hero and leader is Rush Limbaugh, who makes his living mocking people trying to make the world better and playing racist songs about President Obama
  • Their party leader cannot go a day without making some major mistake
  • Their lead argument as to why government is bad is how incompetently their party's last President handled Katrina
  • This is an opposition you have to love.