Great Shows To See On Date Night (Part 1)

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People who are dating are always looking for that interesting, unique and cool thing to do on a date. Drinks and dinner are fine, but doing something that creates interesting conversation takes the date to a whole new level. Here are four current off-Broadway shows that are perfect for a date right now:

In Transit This show is great for New Yorkers or for any tourist who has ever ridden the subway and encountered a delay (in other words, everyone!). In Transit is set in a round theater, which makes for a very interesting view of the show. Not only is it fun and fast-paced, but the lines are hilarious and the music is catchy. In other words, it is everything you could want for a date when you are still in icebreaker mode. You can both laugh about the show while you are there and then recount your favorite scenes during an intimate dinner afterward. Since the subject material is so relatable, this play is an excellent option for an early relationship when you are still discovering each other’s interests. Subway struggles are a shared experience for everyone after all.

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<p><em>In Transit </em>at Circle In The Square Theatre</p>

In Transit at Circle In The Square Theatre

Shear Madness This interactive “Who Dun It” performance is a wonderful way to switch things up if you are looking for an out-of-the-box activity for you and your beau. The show changes each time, so you do not have to worry whether or not your sweetie has seen it before. The hair salon murder mystery, complete with its very own “Shearlock Holmes,” will pull you into the action so quickly that any dating jitters will disappear in an instant. Plus, you and your date can chat with each other during the show as you problem-solve your way through the drama. The crime scene collaboration between the two of you will promote flirty banter and easy conversation.

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<p><em>Shear Madness </em>at the Davenport Theatre</p>

Shear Madness at the Davenport Theatre

Not that Jewish You do not have to be Jewish to enjoy the witty comedy that is Monica Piper’s Not That Jewish. The show is ideal for an entertaining date, since it takes you on a journey with the main character as she deals with her Jew”ish”ness throughout her life. The story’s relatable nature make it easy to empathize and relate to the protagonist and her struggles. If you are looking for a hilarious first-person show, this is the one to choose. You and your date will find yourselves laughing out loud during the performance. Over drinks later, you can reminisce over the milestones and moments in the show and share your own memories with each other. It is the perfect way to open up to one another and bond over shared experiences.

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<p><em>Not That Jewish</em> at New World Stages</p>

Not That Jewish at New World Stages

Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man The best-selling book by Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman has been made into an onstage adaptation with equally hilarious results. If you and your beau are in the mood for a live-action romantic comedy that embraces all things raunchy, then this is the show to see. With a gay man giving advice to single women, you can bet that the audience will be chuckling in their chairs within the first five minutes. This is an excellent pick if you have already been on a few dates or are in a serious relationship and are looking for something new to do. Sex Tips will capture your attention the whole time and will leave you both with a lot to talk about afterward. From characters and funny moments to personal experiences and advice from the show, you and your significant other will have a blast as you share stories and relive the performance.

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<p><em>Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man</em> at the 777 Theatre</p>

Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man at the 777 Theatre

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