Great Sushi in NYC

Sushi Dojo is a new favorite -- unpretentious and a very enjoyable experience.
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Fresh sushi is one of my favorite meals -- satisfying, clean, and light. I finally got to try Sushi Dojo recently.

Sushi Dojo is a new favorite -- unpretentious and a very enjoyable experience. I loved the lightly cooked octopus in a vinegar dashi to start, the sashimi platter, and the Omakase which included whatever was freshest that night.

Chef David started us off with Skip Jack Trigger with smoked cucumber and vinegar. The smokiness from the cucumber added a lot of flavor -- even though it was so refreshing, the smokiness added a huge depth of flavor. The next course was sashimi, which included Amberjack, Ivory White Salmon, Octopus, Clam, Blue Fin Tuna, Salmon and Fluke -- all beautifully presented on a large banana leaf. The tuna stole the show -- melted in the melt and was so fresh. The wasabi is the real deal too -- shaved straight from a wasabi root infront of your eyes.

We were delighted with Red Snapper from Japan, Hamachi, Striped Jack, Golden Eye Snapper which was lit on fire with salt rock and lemon. Then, we had a raw scallop which was alive just minutes before settling in our stomachs! Awesome. The Tasmanian Sea Trout was so bright in color and taste -- the definition of fresh. The Omakase was so fun because you had no idea what dish was up next -- it's a great meal and foodie adventure all at once.

As someone who always needs dessert, I was so satisfied with this meal that the gorgeous iced green tea they served at the end was a perfect ending in itself. They steap their own fresh Macha Green Tea. Because Macha uses the whole leaf, it contains 10-15 times more of the nutrients and 100 times more antioxidants compared to traditional green tea. You can taste the difference with Sushi Dojo's Macha Green Tea. Green tea is so powerful -- it helps to relax, alkalize and detoxify, and strengthen your immune system to protect against disease. You could say that I definitely left this meal feeling perfectly balanced and satisfied -- yet light. My kind of meal.

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