Great White Shark Circles Fishing Boat Off Oahu, Hawaii (VIDEO)

Cue the theme from "Jaws" -- a massive shark was spotted by a pair of fishermen off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii.

Addison Toki caught on camera his encounter with what he believes was a 15-foot great white shark.According to KITV4 News, Toki and his friend Dominick Gaballo were fishing about five miles off Yokohama Bay on the west side of Oahu on January 12, when they spotted one of the ocean's largest predatory fish.

Nearly two decades ago, Toki says he saw a great white shark on the North Shore, but said it pales in comparison to his most recent and up-close encounter. "I see all types of sharks but when you see one like that it's like wow, I'm blown away," Toki said. "This is an unreal trip we'll never forget."

And after viewing his footage, shark expert Kim Holland, who runs the Shark Lab at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology at Coconut Island, confirms that the fisherman did indeed spot a Great White.

"You can tell what it is not. It's not a tiger shark. It is not a hammerhead. It is not an oceanic white tip because it doesn't have any white tips on its fins. It's not a black tip. And just the overall shape and coloration and the shape of the tail, it all points to it being a great white, or a white shark," she told Hawaii News Now.

Holland said it's not rare for great whites to be in Hawaii, but the reason they come to Hawaii is still a mystery.

"It probably makes sense to them, but we don't know what it is yet. Our number of detections, the number of tracks that have been obtained aren't' large enough for us to make those type in interpretations," he explained. "We do know that we've detected them here in every season of the year."

While shark attacks are actually relatively rare, some estimates suggest up to 70 million sharks are killed each year by fishing fleets.

Bans have been passed in recent months on the sale of shark fins, used in a soup traditional to some Asian cultures.

WATCH (Warning: Explicit Language)