Great White Shark Jumps Up At Fishing Boat And Swats Tail At Boy

Reeling in a striped bass turned scary and spectacular in Cape Cod Bay over the weekend.

This kid will have quite a tale to tell about a shark’s tail.

A great white shark leaped from the water toward a fishing boat on Saturday and lashed its tail at the stern, nearly hitting the boy.

The shocking encounter (captured on viral video below) happened aboard a Columbia Sportfishing trip in Cape Cod Bay about three miles west of Wellfleet, Massachusetts. A woman was pulling in a hooked striped bass when the shark chomped on it and breached the water.

“There have been some close takes … but nothing as acrobatic as that,” the boat’s captain, Marc Costa, told the Boston Herald.

The boy, identified by New England Cable News as Jack Nelson, whose father Doug filmed the surprise, turned away as the shark’s tail hit the vessel.

“I didn’t know what to do. It was shocking,” Jack told NECN.

“It was exciting and scary and exhilarating and kind of surreal,” Costa added, per the Herald.

Here’s a look at the striped bass after the shark was done with it:

More than 100 sharks have been spotted in the area this summer, NBC Boston reported.

Here’s another look at Saturday’s close encounter: