Couple Says They Hooked A Great White Shark Off Miami Beach (VIDEO)

For the second time in under six months, a fisherman has claimed to have hooked a great white shark off South Florida's coast.

Brit Paul Raines was celebrating his 50th birthday in Miami Beach by shark fishing with his wife when he caught something big, reports Local 10.

"There was one big bang, one big take, which at first we thought maybe a sailfish," he told the news station. "Got right to the boat, got it right there. My wife got some photographs on her camera."

See photos of the alleged great white shark in the above video.

The massive sharks are rare in Florida waters, but sightings are on the upswing.

Back in April, another fisherman caught a 13-foot great white off of Fort Lauderdale, just a mile and half offshore, the same distance at which Raines allegedly hooked his.

And in the Florida Keys, divers recently filmed their eerie encounter with a great white during a wreck dive.

Researchers say cooler water temperatures and spawning amberjack lure the sharks to the Sunshine State's coast each year, but that there's little to fear.

"If sharks wanted to eat people, you'd never be able to go in the ocean," Mahmood Shivji, director of Nova Southeastern University's Guy Harvey Research Institute and Save Our Seas Shark Center, told the Sun Sentinel. "People would be killed every single day, and it doesn't happen."



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