After Couple Calls Police Because They’re Lonely, Cops Respond With Sweet Surprise

To protect and to serve -- tea.
ITV News

For these police officers, their jobs aren't just about fighting crime -- but also caring for the citizens they serve.

Police Constable Stu Ockwell and a colleague from the Greater Manchester Police in England, responded to a call earlier this week from 95-year-old Doris Thomson. The officers assumed that someone had fallen or gotten hurt, according to the Manchester Evening News, but when they arrived at the woman's house, they discovered that the Doris and her 95-year-old husband Fred Thomson, who's blind, just wanted someone to talk to.

ITV News

So the officers did something perhaps not typically associated with those in law enforcement -- they brewed some tea for the couple and hung out with them for a bit, ITV News reported.

"It was a nice change to have somebody to talk to," Ockwell told ITV News. "I was very pleased to know there was help about and pleased to talk to them because sometimes you can be a bit isolated as you get older but they made me feel at home."

Ockwell and his colleague spent about half an hour with the couple, having tea. Fred even told them a bit about his past.

"Fred told us the stories of when he was in the war," Ockwell said, according to The Telegraph. "He’s an amazing character and had us in fits of laughter and to me it made my day.”

Ockwell explained that though the call didn't have to do with a medical injury like he'd originally assumed, the visit was necessary.

"The lady’s husband has gone blind and she struggles to look after him," he said, according to the Manchester Evening News. "It was out of desperation, really. She isn’t very well herself."

The officer said that while the couple has supportive neighbors, they were just looking for a little help. Something he'd be happy to provide again.

"We’d do it all day long," he said.

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