Greatest Valedictorian Speech Ever By Alaine Caudle Of Doniphan West High School (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Greatest Valedictorian Speech Ever

Do you remember your high school valedictorian? If you do, do you remember his or her graduation speech? No, right? Well, Alaine Caudle of Doniphan West High School, knows that, and apparently, had no intention of going down that way.

Before we go any further, let us take a moment to point out that for the first time, possibly ever, we are 100% serious about the headline of this story. There is no sarcasm intended, no snide mockery, no bait and switch. When we say this is the greatest valedictorian speech ever, we mean it. Alaine Caudle is our new hero.

Note to people in their teens and twenties everywhere: this is what being a confident, naturally funny person looks like.

Good luck in college, Alaine! If you decide to go into comedy, let us know.


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