Greatness: One Step at a Time

Lewis Howes has an amazing story of grit and determination. He owns a multimillion dollar company and is the author of The School of Greatness. These accomplishments didn't fall in his lap. Lewis thinks everyone is "born for greatness." I talked with him about how success and greatness are achieved. Howes believes it all starts with a vision.

With dreams of playing in the NFL dashed because of injury, Lewis was broke, overweight and sleeping on his sister's couch. Then, he saw something that would change his life.

"I was watching the Olympics at 3am and team handball came on. I was blown away... I knew from that moment, I was going to 1) find a way to make money, 2) move to New York City, 3) get to play on the U.S. National Handball Team and be a champion."

Lewis saw his vision but instead of focusing on the end-result, he focused on what was right in front of him: what he could control. Within two years, he changed his diet and began a rigorous exercise program. He lost the weight and made the money he needed, constructing social media marketing programs, to move to New York. The first time he showed up to practice with the National team, they all but laughed him out of the building. So he continued working at it.

With another several months of time and effort behind him, he was invited to play for the National team and has since been named a starter. Currently, he is training for the Pan-American games, hoping to qualify for the Olympics.

Lewis Howes saw what he wanted and he went for it. But, he realized there were steps involved to get to that point. In between those milestones were obstacles, difficulties, injuries and other stuff life throws at you. "It was by no means easy...I tore my groin twice and broke a couple ribs." Howes possessed the will to accomplish his goals and moved closer to his end-result, one step at a time.

Success is never a streamlined process. Nothing happens overnight unless you're terribly lucky. Make your dreams a reality by setting small goals that can be achieved now. Finding your True North gives you direction, then it's just a matter of tracking the steps. It's like a rock climber going up 2,000 feet. Focus on what is three feet in front of you and continue from there. If you're worrying about what you'll do 1,997 feet later, you won't get past the three feet in front of you.