World-Historical Deadbeats Demand Greece Pay Up, To Which Thomas Piketty Says 'LOL'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel  attends a debate  on the Greek financial crisis,  at the German parliament , the Bundestag ,
German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a debate on the Greek financial crisis, at the German parliament , the Bundestag , in Berlin, Wednesday, July 1, 2015. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

So that happened. On this week's podcast, we examine the austerity battles in Greece, break down the latest stage of the Iran nuclear talks, and get a real world account of what happens when Congress cuts off your access to food. Plus, the Daily Caller's Tucker Carlson is a huge Grateful Dead fan. Who knew? He joins us to talk about it.

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Some highlights from this week:

"I think Americans should care, even if we don't have economic skin in the game, because this is about the future of social democracy everywhere." -- Daniel Marans on why the U.S. should be tuned in to Greece's debt crisis and its outcome

"There is literally no economic theory, no neoclassical theory, no neoliberal theory which says that after six years of crippling depression, more austerity is the way out. No one says that." -- Zach Carter on the EU's justifications for more austerity in Greece

"Is there imminent nuclear war with Iran?" -- Jason Linkins
"Ask Tom Cotton." -- Jessica Schulberg

"[Iran] doesn't claim it wants nuclear weapons, which is an important thing to say, because I think that gets lost in this debate. It would sort of legitimize any claim that they might want to have to nuclear weapons. They would say, 'We're right next door to Israel, they have nuclear weapons. They're not subject to any type of inspections or oversight on their nuclear program. They're backed by the U.S., which has the largest nuclear arsenal. And they're both extremely hostile to us. Why the hell should we not have nuclear weapons?'" -- Jessica Schulberg on what might follow a military excursion to wipe out Iran's nuclear capabilities

"Are you telling me you're totally resistant to the allure of the Grateful Dead? You're like that weird anomaly, like the Kenyan prostitute that never got AIDS? Like there's just something in you that won't allow the Grateful Dead to penetrate?" -- Tucker Carlson on Arthur Delaney's aversion to the notorious jam band

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