What Travelers Need To Know About Visiting Greece

Blue and white churches of Oia village, Santorini, Greece
Blue and white churches of Oia village, Santorini, Greece
Blue and white churches of Oia village, Santorini, Greece

Greece's debt crisis is making headlines around the world, but that doesn't mean the country's tourism industry is crumbling, experts say.

Major banks in Greece are closed, and citizens face restrictions on ATM withdrawals in light of the country's economic crises, the latest of which involved a rejection of a bailout deal on Sunday. ATM withdrawals are limited to 60 euros per Greek citizen per day, though that amount may decrease in coming days.

But travelers should be able to enjoy their vacations in Greece without major problems.

First, foreigners are not subject to the same ATM restrictions. "So far, tourists in Greece have been unaffected by recent economic developments," Christos Stergiou, founder of Greek luxury travel company TrueGreece, told The Huffington Post. "Foreign credit cards continue to be functional, even with the banks closed."

As a precaution, Stergiou says visitors to Greece should arrive with the full amount of Euros they'll need in cash, as ATMs may be out of money or have long lines. He also suggests that visitors use credit cards whenever possible during their stay.

Tourist operations -- like ferries, resorts and restaurants -- are expected to operate as normal on Greece's islands and mainland, Greece's Ministry for Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism assured visitors last week.

There's a small chance that fuel shortages will cause travel delays, but members of the tourism industry do not expect the crisis to seriously impact travel this season, CNN reports. Summer is typically Greece's busiest travel season, and most experts agree that travelers should continue to take advantage of all Greece has to offer, while taking extra precautions.

With the debt crisis, Greece needs tourism money now more than ever. Plus, the euro has declined in value, making it one of the cheapest times ever to visit the country.

We're totally on board.

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