Greece's Varoufakis Is Starting A New Political Movement In Berlin

The former finance minister is attempting a second act.

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis plans to launch a new pan-European left-wing political movement this February in Berlin, German newspaper Neues Deutschland reported on Sunday.

Varoufakis had announced the launch of his Democracy in Europe Movement 2025, or DiEM 25, in an interview to Italian news site L’Espresso in December.

He has referred to the organization as a European political “movement” rather than a party.

As Greece’s ruling Syriza party’s finance minister, Varoufakis became internationally known during the contentious talks between Greece and its European creditors over the terms of a multibillion-dollar bailout deal. His fiery rhetoric and defiant style clashed with European negotiators, but also earned him a degree of celebrity.

Varoufakis resigned in July of last year following a referendum in which Greeks resoundingly voted against the terms of a proposed bailout agreement.

Since stepping down, Varoufakis has been an outspoken critic of the bailout agreement that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras struck with the European institutions, as well as of the government’s handling of the crisis.

Varoufakis will present his Democracy in Europe Movement at Berlin’s Volksbühne theater on Feb. 9, according to the venue’s website.

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